Prices of Common Items

Lock-out (car, home, mailbox)             $75

Residential Rekey                                    $19-$25 per lock

Lock Installation (w/ pre-cut holes)     $20 + parts

Lock Installation (w/o cut holes)          $45 + parts

Service Call                                              $65

Key Copies                                              $3 (two free w/ re-key)

-late night/early morning surcharge may apply-


Don't See the Service You Need?

Check in with me anyways! Some jobs resist easy description. Some things I can't do. If not, I can point you in the direction of a reputable locksmith who won't charge an arm and a leg.


Locked Out?

We offer residential or vehicle lockout services throughout the greater King County area. The cost is $75, plus tax. Late night, early morning, or rush hour surcharges may apply. If possible, I will always attempt to walk you through unlocking the door yourself, over the phone, so is there a reason you shouldn't at least give me a call?

Need to Change the Locks?


Have you just moved into a new home? Have a roommate or tenant move out? Got a lock you lost the key to? I can re-key most locks to a different key. No need to change the lock itself! A re-key is $19 per lock if you have a working key, $25 per lock without one. Two keys are included free of charge.

New lock installation

Do you need to swap out or have a lock installed on a door that doesn't have one? We can definitely help. Installation is $20 in a pre-cut door, $45 in an uncut door, plus the cost of the lock. Every installation includes free re-key to match an existing compatible key.